Self-reversing lead screws manufactured in short lead times

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Self-reversing lead screws manufactured in short lead timesTraditional lead or acme screws require the driven screw to counter-rotate to achieve a bi-directional movement of the nut and, importantly, to allow the nut to return to its start position. In contrast, the self-reversing screw only requires a rotation of the screw in one direction to achieve a reciprocating bi-directional linear movement.

Abssac's self reversing screws do not utilise ball bearings in their linear travel; instead they use a track blade style. These screws are not offered as a standard range, as each item is manufactured to the customer's individual specification.

Self-reversing lead screws typically take about 5-7 weeks to be manufactured by Abssac. They can be created in almost any mild steel, stainless steel, bronze or aluminium. The nut can be supplied in a style and size according to the customer's requirements. Most small self-reverser screws are 3/8inch diameter with a nut block measuring 30x30x35mm. However, Abssac can also supply units up to approximately 250mm diameter with lengths of many metres.

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