Deck gear couplings and Sier Bath Deck gear couplings

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Deck gear couplings and Sier Bath Deck gear couplingsAbssac is now the sole United Kingdom distributor for the mechanical TB Wood's product line that includes Deck gear couplings and Sier Bath Deck gear couplings. The intellectual property of Deck Manufacturing and the assets of The Sier Bath Deck Gear Corp were recently purchased, allowing the capabilities and manufacture of all product lines previously manufactured by these two companies.

One of the main advantages of gear couplings is their excellent torsional rigidity and their capability to transmit high torques through relatively small packages. The basic design uses a hub with gear teeth on the outside diameter on the input shaft and similar hub on the output shaft. These two hubs are connected by a flanges or sleeve with internal teeth to transmit torque and accommodate shaft misalignment. The gear coupling is usually all-metal in construction and requires lubrication for optimum performance.

There are numerous different types of gear couplings. For example, the C Series coupling uses a continuous sleeve; the F Series has two bolted flanges and O-ring seals; the MXB Series is much like the F but has higher torque ratings; the K100 Series also uses bolted flanges but incorporates a labyrinth seal in an all-metal design; and the Deck-Flex Series uses a non-lubricated Nylon sleeve.

The gear couplings now available from Abssac are also said to be directly interchangeable with competitive products. Abssac offers a replacement guide to help engineers with part interchanges. Lastly - and perhaps most importantly - Abssac can now supply made-to-order, high-speed, high-performance, engineered gear couplings.

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