IsysNet ISO pneumatic valves feature less stiction

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IsysNet ISO pneumatic valves feature less stictionParker Hannifin is launching a range of innovative pneumatic valves that meet ISO 15047 parts 1 and 2 (ISO sizes 02, 01, 1, 2 and 3). Called the IsysNet, the new valves combine exceptional pneumatics performance, with 20 per cent less power consumption and far lower breakaway forces than competing products, with integrated and fast serial bus communications that enable valves to be installed quickly and easily in a wide range of industrial applications.

The IsysNet system is based on a modular construction, using robust quick-fit latching mechanisms that enable valve, I/O and communication modules to be installed on common manifold units in seconds and without the need for extra connector plates that are typically required with other ISO valves. In addition, modules can be reconfigured on site, while serial modules can be changed even when the system is powered up and without affecting the controlling software. I/O modules are also colour-coded for quick identification.

The serial modules use a fast backplane with change of state (COS) connections for optimum performance and enable an IsysNet manifold unit to be linked directly to sensors, limit switches and encoders and to remotely-operated solenoid valves or other pneumatic devices. The IsysNet system provides a choice of digital, analogue and high-wattage I/O, with individual modules incorporating comprehensive safety features such as short-circuit and open-circuit detection. The system can be extended considerably by the use of communication modules, which support up to 62 I/O modules and up to 252 inputs and 252 outputs. Both electronic and pneumatic connections are built into a single manifold mounted end plate.

Mechanically, the new IsysNet valve modules are compact, with a low profile and are available as single- or double-solenoid modules, with internal or external pilots, Cv ratings of 0.6-6.0 and a choice of NPT or BSpp G standard ports. The solenoid valves use up to 20 per cent less power than conventional ISO devices of the same size, while the spool seals have a far lower breakaway force (stiction). In addition, the spool seals feature a wear-compensation system, with the land area of each seal being designed so that it is constantly forced outwards to eliminate the effects of wear, providing in excess of 90million-cycle life.

The new IsysNet valves are CE-marked and CSA/C-US-approved, with NEMA 4 and IP65 certification.

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