PositionServo drive includes Ethernet as standard

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PositionServo drive includes Ethernet as standardLenze-AC Tech is launching the latest generation of its PositionServo drive with full Ethernet connectivity as standard. PositionServo is a powerful - yet ‘simple’ - good quality, reliable servo controller without the usual cost and complexity normally associated with servo automation systems.

Open standards and the proliferation of PC control in factory automation mean that the new PositionServo is now fully compatible with what is becoming the least-cost communications option for many applications, namely Ethernet. There are two models available, the 940 designed for encoder feedback and the 941 for resolver feedback.

From basic torque and velocity control to fully programmable co-ordinated motion, users can choose the level of control to suit their application. As a distributed drive/control product, the PositionServo can be used without an external PLC, thereby avoiding the additional cost associated with a separate controller, as well as the cables and connections required. By putting the power of the motion controller in the same package as the drive, with 17 programmable I/O points, machine control becomes easy with one packaged unit.

Wayne Morris, International Sales Manager (Asia and South America), comments: “The fundamentals of this product are to bring simplicity to servo technology; with PositionServo it is far easier to program precise motion profiles and integrate low-cost yet high-resolution control into positioning systems.

“These drives suit both centralised and decentralised applications and use a Basic-like motion-programming language to provide precise indexing and positioning, while also accepting analogue as well as digital drive signals from motion controllers via Ethernet, RS-485, ModBus, CANopen and Profibus as options.”

Free programming software

MotionView, a Windows-based programming software package is shipped free with each drive. MotionView is easy-to-use with few parameters, preconfigured motors and an auto-tune option.

PositionServo drives currently range from 2-18A output (up to 54A peak) and can replace complex mechanical systems, such as line shafts and cams, clutches and brakes, pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders. Typically the servo system will increase machine speed, accuracy and flexibility, while reducing build, maintenance and changeover times.

Programming using the removable EPM chip is also a feature of the product. A shared technology with the company’s AC drives range and holding the entire drive and motor configuration, the EPM chip is simply plugged by hand into the front of the drive. In the case of PositionServo models, it even holds the motion program.

With the EPM, servo control parameters and motion programs need only to be configured once, and can then be transferred to other PositionServo controllers without having power applied to them. Program transfer from one EPM to another is made easy by the EPM programmer, a handheld battery-powered unit.

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