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Megaflux thin-ring motors now available from HeasonHeason Technology is introducing a range of brushless servo motors with a separate rotor and stator design, aimed at the smooth, precise control and direct driving of high-inertia or high-torque loads. The Megaflux thin-ring torque motor from USA manufacturer Emoteq Corporation has an inherently large diameter-to-length ratio - from 150 x 30mm to 760 x 123mm – and covers continuous stall torque from 3Nm to over 2000Nm. A frameless construction and space-saving form factor enable the motor to be integrated directly on the driven shaft, thereby eliminating the resonance associated with flexible couplings. Moreover, with no need for a gearbox, the high-torque, low-cog output is backlash-free, ensuring precise control.

Heason says the large through-hole is especially useful for accommodating electrical wiring and other services such as slip-ring assemblies and beam delivery systems, while the form factor will suit OEMs requiring rotary positioning axes in space-restricted applications. The Megaflux has been widely used in robotics, azimuth/elevation tracking devices, laser scanning systems and machine tools.

The standard range covers eight frame sizes and 40 models with motor characteristics fully specified in a 24-page catalogue that is available in hard copy of as a PDF from Heason Technology. In addition, customised windings are available to optimise the applications’ torque and speed performance requirements. Hall sensors can be built into the assembly to simplify commutation.

Heason can supply the Megaflux thin-ring motor as a separate component, along with commutation and positioning encoders, servo drives and motion controls. The motor can also be assembled on customer-supplied components or built into complete positioning actuator systems through Heason’s motion systems design service. As an example, a Megaflux motor may be built into an actuator that includes the Spinea TwinSpin gearbox - a high-precision, high-torque trochoidal gear reduction system and integral heavy-duty axial/radial bearing that provides a space-saving, single unit 'bearing reducer' with an exceptional ratio of output torque to size.

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