Low-cost smart transducers for tough environments

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Low-cost smart transducers for tough environmentsInertial Aerosystems is introducing an enhanced range of low-cost smart pressure transducers designed for tough environments. This Honeywell PPT range combines analogue and digital sensor technology. Long-term field testing has shown much improved performance and stability over the original specifications.

The range comprises 10 models that can measure from 1PSI to 500PSI in absolute, gauge or differential mode. Microprocessor-based signal conditioning delivers repeatable, long-term accuracy of 0.05 per cent of span maximum over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. Each model is calibrated over temperature and pressure for both analogue and digital output precision and these enhanced versions can attain performance in excess of specification. The transducer can be used as an accurate, but otherwise standard, analogue voltage output sensor (0-5V DC). The same device can be used as a sophisticated, precision digital sensor with an RS232 or RS485 serial interface communicating with many other transducers. An optional calibration certificate is available.

High-quality, compact and rugged, these units have many programmable software features to support a wide range of applications including engine test stands, flight testing, instrumentation, weather buoys, automotive test, manufacturing, engineering, analytical equipment, process and control as well as research and development.

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