Anixter launches mains and flexible control cables

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Anixter launches mains and flexible control cablesAnixter Components (formerly Heyco Limited) is adding six new ranges of domestic mains and flexible control cables to its 2008-2009 product catalogue.

The range of mains cable includes industry standards such as 2192Y, 218*Y and 318*Y. The 2192Y range is available in 0.5mm2 and 0.75mm2 conductor sizes and the 218*Y and 318*Y from 0.5mm2 to 2.5mm2. These provide power for many domestic appliances including lightweight portable appliances such as radios and table lamps, as well as those supporting heavier loads such as washing machines, spin dryers and refrigerators.

For industrial applications, there is a range of YY, SY and CY flexible control cables. These are used as an interconnecting cable for measuring, control or regulation in control equipment for assembly and production lines. The durable galvanised steel braiding on the SY types offers extra protection for the more demanding applications such as machine tool, control gear and industrial conveyor installations. Additionally, the CY types are enhanced by a copper screening, ensuring their suitability for installations where signal interference is a consideration.

Andrew Fletcher, Technical Director at Anixter Components, comments: "It has always been our goal to offer our customers a one-stop-shop service for cable management products. The introduction of wire and cable to our range is simply a natural progression."

For more information visit the Anixter Components website.

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