New three-axis stepper modules for programmable controller

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Inmoco is expanding the motion control options available from its Model 5300 web-enabled programmable automation controller from Control Technology Corporation. The Model 5300 Blue Fusion controller now offers two new three-axis stepper modules, the M3-40B and M3-40C. The B version provides 24V stepper drive commands, while the C version provides 5V stepper drive commands. Importantly, both modules require only a single 0.75inch slot in the 5300 rack to handle all motion-related processing for three-axis modules.

The M3-40B/C modules feature three axes each, with fast position loop update times of 500us/three axes. Precision is guaranteed in the module operation via a 64-bit floating-point loop algorithm and two encoder inputs that provide feedback (up to 17MHz) for position verification. In addition, each module provides enhanced capabilities for machine integration with 10 user-assignable inputs, which can be configured as high-speed counters, and 10 user-assignable outputs. The combination of the new stepper modules and servo modules, which are also part of the Blue Fusion 5300 package, enable the system to provide greater ability to securely monitor or control motion applications via standard web browsers, cell phones and even third-party applications such as customer relationship databases, ERP systems or quality analysis tools. This control is possible due to the excellent design of the Blue Fusion 5300 unit. Combining the features of a PLC, motion controller and PC into a small DIN rail-mountable package, the 5300 controller can be used in a standalone configuration or it can be easily networked via its serial and LAN connections. The built-in web server makes internet or intranet access easy to achieve.

For larger applications, the Model 5300 supports up to 1024 I/O points and up to 64 axes of motion control. Depending upon the application, the 5300 can be configured as a daisy-chained series of up to ten units, using CTC's Ethernet Quicklink (EQL) or it can be programmed to control complex real-time applications independently.

The 5300 features a multi-tasking real-time operating system with non-volatile memory. Programming of the unit is simple with CTC's intuitive next-generation QuickBuilder state language or, for advanced applications, C/C++. Importantly, for maximum flexibility, the Model 5300 enables both of these languages to be combined in single applications.

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