Signal conditioning modules for industrial machinery

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Signal conditioning modules for industrial machineryHBM’s PME modules feature compact measurement electronics to increase the efficiency of production machinery by providing highly stable measurement channels. These can be used for measuring a variety of mechanical quantities such as force, pressure, torque, rotational speed, temperature, and analogue current and voltage signals at high resolution.

PME modules are intended for use in the fields of measurement, control, and documentation. Integrated digital signal processing and conditioning is used for signal analysis while limit values, analogue outputs or digital interfaces can be used to transmit the signals to the control system, thereby further increasing mechanical and plant efficiency.

A high level of integration is ensured through different fieldbus interfaces, including CANopen, Profibus-DP, and DPV1 protocols for acyclic data exchange and Interbus and Ethernet TCP/IP.

Thanks to their robust aluminium housings, the PME modules are able to withstand extreme conditions in industrial plants. They mount on DIN rail, with a reinforced locking device that provides protection against loosening when used on vibrating machinery.

HBM’s FASTpress Suite software is available for start-up, device configuration, and documentation.

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