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Atlas Copco Compressors' new ZS+ dry rotary screw positive displacement blower range presents a new and innovative product for oil-free process air requirements.

Compared to conventional, belt-driven roots blowers, the ZS+ is possibly the most cost-effective compressed air product available to optimise the pressure, volume and air treatment equipment for each production process.

With gear-driven dry screw elements and a fully integrated drive motor, filtration and controller to ensure optimum efficiency and reliability, the ZS+ range is an all-in-one compact silenced package designed to reduce energy requirements by up to 40 per cent.

The innovative features of the ZS+ series of blowers are the result of Atlas Copco's experience in oil-free design and manufacturing, uniting advanced technologies with excellent design.

For instance, the compression principle is simple and internal, enabling increased efficiency. Two helicoidal rotors, one with four lobes and the other with six flutes, turn into each other. The former screw turns 50 per cent faster than the latter. As a result, the intake air is compressed between the rotors and their housing. The intermeshing compression rotors never touch, thanks to precision timing gears that maintain minute clearances between the rotor surfaces.

Wear-free design

Wear and tear is eliminated and no lubrication is required in the compression space. Special seals prevent air escaping along the rotor shaft, while separate seals stop oil escaping from the rotor bearings into the compression chamber. The result is 100 per cent oil-free and pulsation-free air.

Unlike belt-driven compressors, ZS+ blowers incorporate a flanged motor housing and gearbox element, offering permanent alignment during transport, installation and operation of the unit.

Model range

The ZS+ comes as a complete, fully integrated package, including variable-speed drive, controls, canopy, silencer and valves. There are four variants in the 50Hz, 55kW range, operating at pressures from 750-1200mbar with free air delivery from 301-420 l/s (650-890cfm). The ZS+VSD 55-75kW series comprises three models operating at pressures from 750-1200mbar with FAD from 455-590 l/s (964-1250cfm).

There are no hidden costs. All the components that would normally be required to operate a standard tri-lobe blower are integrated into the ZS+. The blower is delivered ready for easy, plug-and-run installation, saving time and money. Its reliable performance is backed by Atlas Copco's nationwide sales and service organisation at all times.

Advanced control and monitoring

Continuous surveillance is a pre-requisite to guarantee maximum process uptime. The ZS+ features an Elektronikon operating system to provide control, monitor the overall system performance status and increase the blower's efficiency and reliability. Easily expandable with extra sensors, digital inputs and MODBus, ProfiBus or internet communication functions, the Elektronikon can be adapted to specific needs to enable continuous communication with the blower. An ES Central Controller can also be used to control multiple ZS+ models including the ZS+ VSD.

100 per cent oil-free air

No one can afford to compromise on the need for clean, oil-free air for critical processes. Atlas Copco claims to be the world's first compressor manufacturer to receive certification for a new industry standard of air purity, proven by TÜV and certified to ISO 8573-1: ISO Class 0, for its oil-free compressors. The ZS+ range offers a combination of advanced oil-free screw technology, plus air inlet filtration to remove 99.9 per cent of particles up to 3um and guarantees 100 per cent oil-free air delivery to the point of use.

Low-noise operation

There is no need for a dedicated operator room. Full sound enclosures substantially reduce noise levels to 69dBA. Advanced rotary screw technology minimises vibration, added to which a pulsation damper reduces pipework noise, keeping pulsation levels very low. The end result is less impact on the surrounding environment, improved operator comfort and better concentration on the job at hand.

VSD cost savings

The need for flow/speed control from a 4-20mA signal is often required and by integrating the frequency converter, the ZS+ VSD range ensures maximum turndown for an application while enabling full and up-to-the minute control for the process.

In normal pressure control, the integrated frequency converter of the ZS+ VSD series varies the speed of the IP55 Class F drive motor to match the changes in compressed air demand, thus using a minimum amount of energy, saving up to 35 per cent in energy costs and justifying the additional investment.

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