Miniature relief valve guarantees zero leakage

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Miniature relief valve guarantees zero leakageLee Products is adding to its range of miniature components a new miniature relief valve suitable for thermal relief and low-flow hydraulic pressure relief applications where zero leakage is essential.

The Lee 281 zero-leak relief valve is designed for applications such as aircraft cowl door mechanisms where it will prevent leakage of oil onto a runway when operating at normal system pressure, yet it will activate overboard in an emergency at higher pressures.

Cracking pressure for these valves is preset at the factory with capabilities ranging from 1300psid up to 4700psid and ensures zero leakage in a one-minute test or one drop per hour maximum. The valve provides typical flow rates ranging from a few ml/min for thermal relief applications and up to 250ml/min for low-flow pressure relief applications.

These valves, which weigh only 6g, are 100 per cent tested and inspected and are designed for operating temperatures of between –65 to +275degF (-54 to +135degC).

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