Dual-precision op-amp copes with extreme temperatures

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Dual-precision op-amp copes with extreme temperaturesInertial Aerosystems is introducing a new, advanced, high-temperature dual-precision operational amplifier, the first of a new generation of HTMOS components. Manufactured by USA-based Honeywell International, the HTOP01 incorporates the established silicon-on-insulator technology. It is suitable for use in extreme temperatures.

This precision low-power op-amp offers very low input offset voltage and drift over an ambient temperature range of -55 to +225degC, with a minimum life of five years. Built-in auto-zeroing techniques mean input offset voltage is continuously sampled and compensated.

An internal oscillator and logic provides all necessary auto-zero clock signals, and no external capacitors are needed. The auto-zero clock generator produces a pseudo-random clock frequency operating between 2kHz and 4kHz that effectively 'spreads out' the clock noise frequency. This versatile device has high gain and a minimum CMRR of 100dB. It has single 5V supply operation, with 5.0mA maximum supply current.

Useful where space and weight are at a premium, this product is available in 14 lead DIP package or die configurations. Prime applications include aircraft engine electronics, downhole drilling measurement, production tools, strain gauge transducers, RTD temperature sensing and high-temperature measurement.

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