Drill jig enables connectors to be fitted to pressurised pipes

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Drill jig enables connectors to be fitted to pressurised pipesTo expand a Teseo modular aluminium pipeline system, there is no need to turn off the compressor, shut down other work stations and vent the pressure in the network; instead you simply drill a hole in the pipeline and add the new connector, clip on the secondary flexible line or new drop column and the new connection is ready immediately.

Sean Connolly, sales manager of Teseo UK, explains how this is done: "It is part of the Teseo magic formula! To open a new air point on an established system under full pressure simply fix the outlet plate where you want it on the pipe run, screw in a ball valve to the outlet plate, screw the special Teseo drilling jig to the ball valve, open the ball valve to allow the drill bit through and drill the aluminium extrusion piping. Swarf is collected in the drilling jig. Remove the drill bit and shut the ball valve, remove the drilling jig, couple up your additional airline to the ball valve and 'hey presto,' an instant new air point installed in a 'live' pipeline under pressure."

A new larger DT drilling jig has just been introduced by Teseo, which allows a 19mm drill bit to be used, the correct bore size for an outlet plate that carries 3/4inch threaded connectors. In addition a new outlet plate with 1.1/4 inch thread is now available for use with the HBS 80 and 110 pipeline profiles.

The heart of the Teseo modular aluminium pipeline system is the HBS (Hollow Bar System) extruded aluminium profiles; inside is circular tubing while the outside box section has flat faces and grooves. The connections are made of die-cast aluminium with O-ring seals. Connections are fastened to the profiles by means of locking plates that grip into the grooves and are clamped together with screws.

Teseo's modular aluminium pipeline system is quick and easy to install without special tools and by unskilled labour.

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