PXI modules feature solid-state relays with high power capacity

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Pickering Interfaces is expanding its range of PXI high-current switches with the introduction of a family of high power capacity solid-state relays. The range contains eight modules configured as Fault Insertion, SPST Relay, Multiplexer and Matrix switches at 10A/200V and 30A/40V.

The 40-192 is a six-channel fault insertion switch with two fault busses capable of hot switching signals up to 10A and 200V. The 40-191 uses the same architecture but is capable of switching signals of 30A, 40V and handling surge currents in excess of 120A with no lifetime degradation. Each module is capable of simulating the most common faults found in a system - including open circuits and shorts circuits to one of two fault connections. The fast switching speeds ensure the modules can be used to simulate transient fault conditions.

Pickering's 40-182 and 40-183 are six-channel SPST solid-state switches with 10A, 200 V and 30A, 40V ratings, respectively.

The 40-666 and 40-667 modules are solid-state multiplexers available in dual three-channel or single six-channel configurations with 10A, 200 V and 30A, 40V ratings respectively.

Lastly, the 40-553 and 40-554 are 6x2 solid-state matrices with 10A, 200 V and 30A, 40V ratings, respectively.

All modules can handle AC or DC signals up to the rated voltage and use high-capacity male D Type user connectors. The modules can be fitted to any 3U PXI chassis or installed in a Pickering Interfaces LXI Modular chassis if Ethernet control is preferred. Each module occupies two PXI slots and is supplied with software drivers for common programming environments, including real-time operating systems.

Advantages over electromechanical relays

Designed for fast switching operation and high hot switching capacity, the modules offer a capability that is hard to achieve with a mechanical relay, particularly in the PXI form factor. The fast transition times ensure the modules can sustain frequent hot switching without degradation and each switch can sustain high inrush currents, making them suitable for switching power supplies with capacitive loads.

With high tolerance to transient conditions and conservative ratings, the modules are designed for a long and service-free life in demanding high-current applications.

Commenting on the new release, Shaun Fuller, Pickering Interfaces Product Manager, says: "PXI is often viewed as a low-current/low-power platform but with the release of this new series of high current switch modules, Pickering is opening up PXI to sophisticated high-current applications in mil/aero, automotive and fuel cell applications."

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25 August 2008

Pickering Interfaces Ltdvisit website
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