Allen-Bradley SLC 500 controllers are compact and economical

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Routeco is promoting the Allen-Bradley SLC 500, Rockwell Automation's small, chassis-based, modular family of programmable controllers and I/O. The SLC's smaller size means that the SLC can be used in applications where the size and overhead of a traditional, full-size PLC are not wanted. With its multiple processor choices, numerous power supply options and extensive I/O capacity, the modular SLC 500 controller enables users to create systems tailored to the applications.

SLC 500 controllers control hundreds of thousands of processes around the world — everything from amusement park rides to pharmaceutical processing. There are said to be 1.5million processors and 12million I/O modules installed worldwide.

Benefits of the SLC 500 include:

  • Large choice of I/O available from Rockwell Automation and third-party companies
  • Proven reliability
  • A Step Forward program that ensures customer can upgrade to the latest technology
  • Excellent quality now and in the future
  • Continued support for a substantial installed base
  • On-going engineering investment
  • Customer advance warning long before any products are no longer available

For customers looking for the latest innovations in small/medium programmable logic controllers, CompactLogix brings together the benefits of the Logix platform — common programming environment, common networks, common control engine — in a small footprint with high performance. Combined with Compact I/O, the CompactLogix platform is suitable for tackling smaller, machine-level control applications, with or without integrated motion, with excellent power and scalability. CompactLogix is suitable for systems that require standalone and system-connected control over EtherNet/IP, ControlNet or DeviceNet.

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