Bespoke lead screws and nuts manufactured to order

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Bespoke lead screws and nuts manufactured to orderAre you looking for a custom lead screw, or do you have an old acme screw that needs replacing but no technical drawing specifications to work from? Abssac can help, thanks to its expanded lead screw ranges and machining facilities that enable the company to supply any type of thread form.

Most common threads are of an acme or trapezoidal form but, if required, Abssac can supply multi-start or special thread profiles. The company can also supply auger mixing screws and self-reversing screw formats. Lead screws can be supplied in machined, rolled or whirled formats, using steel, stainless steel or in some cases aluminium or bronze.

In addition to the leadscrews, a complete range of plastic, steel and bronze nuts is available, tapped and matched to the lead screw supplied.

Other services offered by Abssac include journal end machining, gun drilling, screw hardening and special coating treatments.

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