Cable chain reduces the time required for laying cables

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Cable chain reduces the time required for laying cablesKabelschlepp is introducing the Easytrax 0320 plastic cable carrier chain that combines high stability - for long, unsupported lengths - and flexible crossbars for quick cable laying. This is possible by using two-component material technology, which considerably reduces installation and replacement times. The Easytrax cable chain was launched at the Hanover trade fair.

In this product, Kabelschlepp refers to two-component material technology to describe the way a stiff carrier body is used in conjunction with soft crossbars. The body of the cable carrier is made of special fibre-reinforced polymer; this economical yet very high-quality compound allows for an easy carrier design with extra high stability. The unsupported length of Easytrax is said to be almost twice that of cable chains made of conventional materials. The chain links are clipped together to create a chain of the required length.

The carrier body has flexible 'lamella' (or 'blade') crossbars of a special elastic yet durable material. The cable carrier is quickly loomed with cables by simply pressing them in. This not only reduces assembly time, it also simplifies and speeds up any cable replacement. What makes this lamella system special is that when cables are pressed in, the flexible crossbars rotate out forward, instead of downward. This means that the compartment of the carrier remains clear and no space is blocked by a crossbar folding down. Ingelore Roth-Stahl, Director of Sales Promotions at Kabelschlepp, explains: "When the crossbar plates are pressed downward, you block cable space and the compartment size is reduced. Existing cables can block the crossbars."

In addition, the forward-swivelling lamella crossbars allow the use of divider systems for separating the cables. Roth-Stahl says: "Crossbars that fold downward into the compartment are blocked by the divider and do not allow sufficient space for placing cable." Because of the special overlapping shape, stays rest firmly on the chain link and ensure safe routing of cable.

To prevent links snapping out, and to achieve high lateral stability of the cable carrier, the link stops are locked in the bend radius and in the pre-tension stop.

In the type 30 design, the lamella crossbars open to the outer radius, whereas they open to the inside radius in the type 40 design. End connectors are available with an integrated strain relief comb, allowing cables to be fixed quickly and reliably. Different connection variants are possible by simply changing the connectors. Because of integrated noise damping, the carrier runs very quietly and the small pitch results in very smooth operation.

Cable chain type ET 0320 has a compartment height of 18mm and a total height of 25.6mm. Currently compartment widths of 25 and 38mm are available, with other dimensions to follow. The standard bend radii are 28, 38, 48 75 or 100mm, with an optional 125mm.

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