Magnetic absolute encoder is fully programmable

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Magnetic absolute encoder is fully programmableMegatron's new magnetic absolute encoder MAB36A P can be programmed for the start and end position of the angle, as well as for the rotational direction. Three additional conductors are therefore incorporated into the device's cable.

Thanks to this development, magnetic rotary encoders can now be used for a wider range of potentiometer applications. For example, if the sensors are connected to an inflexible control system, the direction of voltage increase can be changed simply by reversing the polarity of the power supply. The new rotary encoder also offers this flexibility by connecting the programming input wire to electrical ground. In many cases, this offers a simple way to upgrade to a non-contact sensing technology.

The programmable start and end position of the angle is similar to the capability offered by standard potentiometers. The MAB36A P offers a full measurement of 360degrees. When a conventional potentiometer is used for measuring only, say, 270degrees, the zero and 270-degree points can be set by means of a teach-in procedure. The advantage is that the nominal current or voltage is output and the noise is minimised, despite the smaller angle. The teach-in of the start and end angle is repeatable at any time. With the special multi-turn version, which is available as an option, angles of greater than 360degrees can be measured.

25 August 2008

Megatron Elektronik AG & Covisit website
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