Long-life pneumatic valves are maintenance-free

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Long-life pneumatic valves are maintenance-freeParker Hannifin is launching a new range of miniature direct-acting solenoid valves that has been developed to increase the performance and reduce the maintenance requirements for a wide range of compact pneumatic applications. With just one moving part, the valves are extremely reliable, providing long, zero-maintenance operating lives.

The new range includes five series of valves: ADEX A00, VA01, VA05, EVM and EV15. All have been designed with reliability in mind and are able to offer operating lives of up to 300 million cycles. Due to their size and design, the components feature extremely high operating frequencies of up to 1200cycles/min and response times as fast as 3ms (on) and 1.5ms (off).

Each series offers its own combination of specifications and benefits for maximum installation flexibility and operation. For example, models are available for either manifold, in-line or sub-base mounting, and a range of valve functions are also available, depending on application requirements.

Measuring as little as 10mm in width and offering flow rates of up to 200Nl/m, the miniature valves are suitable for use in the textile, semiconductor/electronics, and medical/healthcare industries, or in high-speed sorting machines, labelling machines or general automation. The direct-acting valves can also be used effectively as miniature pilot valves.

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