Generate your own lab-scale hydrogen gas supply

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Generate your own lab-scale hydrogen gas supply Parker Hannifin's Process Filtration Division is introducing an innovative multi-disciplinary gas generator, developed to save gas chromatograph users thousands of Euros a year in expensive downtime and installation costs by providing a constant supply of gas on site.

The 100, 165, 260 and 510ml/min units produce 99.9999 per cent purity hydrogen at up to 6.89bar. Special features include an advanced PEM electrochemical cell protection system with microprocessor controls, and an innovative water hydration circulation purification system. This is also complemented by USB capability, with software options for remote monitoring and control, blue intensity back-lit display for simple operator use with touchscreen visuals for system status checks, automatic water fill options, and data logging performance controls for preventative maintenance and reporting tools for use in regulated environments where system validations are required.

These generators will enable gas chromatograph (GC) users to supply, control, and automate all hydrogen gas supplies. A single generator can support up to as many as 13 instruments with high-purity hydrogen.

Other applications include fuel gases for total hydrocarbon analysers, supply gases for hydrogenation reactors, hydrogen for pilot-scale fuel cells assays, and hydrogen for collision reaction gases. Each generator is available with a two-year warranty as standard, emphasising the quality and reliability of the products.

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