Refrigerant dryers 'set new industry standard'

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Atlas Copco Compressors' latest refrigerant dryers, the FD 5-4000 range, offer constant dry air at any time, as well as benefits such as a space-saving design, easy installation, advanced control and monitoring, plus the ability to reduce energy costs whatever the equipment capacity.

With throughputs ranging from 5-4000l/s (12-8480 cfm), the FD dryers are capable of removing moisture from compressed air even in extremely hot ambient conditions, thanks to a highly durable refrigerant circuit, thereby eliminating the risk of system failures, production downtime and costly repair and service work.

Powerful and reliable, the FD's cutting-edge performance is based on a reliable expansion device, hot gas by-pass, and an innovative heat exchanger with contraflow on both air-to-refrigerant and air-to-air sides. A built-in low-velocity water separator and optimised airflow assure low pressure drop, which reduces the energy consumption of the compressor, while condensate is effectively evacuated from the separation chamber via a no-loss condensation drain.

Maximum energy savings can be achieved through variable-speed drive (VSD) or the FD's Saver Cycle Control that adjusts the working cycle to match the actual load. At the same time, the relative humidity of the compressed air at the dryer outlet is kept below 50 per cent, even when cycling.

VSD versions are said to match the water load to the dryer exactly. As the load decreases, so does the speed of the compressor and the energy consumption of the FD dryer, resulting in savings of more than 50 per cent.

With its small footprint, integrated state-of-the-art design and complete monitoring capabilities, the FD dryers provide exceptional benefits and meet the most stringent operational requirements. Atlas Copco Compressors claim that the FD range therefore sets a new industry standard for refrigerant dryers.

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