SBA accumulator safety blocks enhance hydraulic safety

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SBA accumulator safety blocks enhance hydraulic safetyParker Hannifin is launching the innovative SBA series of accumulator safety blocks for use in a wide variety of critical hydraulic applications. They have been developed to improve operational safety, while also minimising system build and maintenance times, thereby reducing overall costs.

In comparison with traditional safety mechanisms that often incorporate several independent components to meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), the new products make it simple to protect, isolate and discharge a hydraulic accumulator from a single unit. In particular, each SBA safety block incorporates shut-off, pressure limiting and pressure release functions in a compact and robust housing, with each safety block being rated for use in systems operating at up to 350bar.

The SBA safety block has a number of features that Parker claims to be unique, including a modular design of tamper-proof pressure relief valve that can be specified in a wide range of pressure settings. The valve can easily be changed without needing to disconnect or remove the block, simplifying changes to system pressures and making it easier for OEMs to specify and stock component parts.

In addition, the integrated shut-off valve enables an attached accumulator to be isolated and then safely discharged to a tank; this can be done either directly, using a lever-operated discharge valve mounted on the block, or remotely by means of a separate electrically controlled discharge valve. The latter enables accumulators mounted in inaccessible areas to be discharged easily by a plant engineer or, in an emergency, by a remote control system.

The new blocks are simple to install and operate and are fully compliant with the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, which requires the use of safety devices with accumulators in industrial applications. All SBA safety blocks are finished in a durable, chrome-6 free, corrosion-resistant finish for long service life, and are designed for use with all types of accumulators: bladder, piston and diaphragm. The SBA range comprises three different sizes to suit most industrial applications: the SBA10, SBA20 and SBA32 correspond to DN10, 20 and 32, respectively. A full range of adapters is available to suit all common accumulator port sizes and styles.

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