New crimp terminals and terminal blocks from Anixter

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New crimp terminals and terminal blocks from AnixterAnixter Components is adding 15 new ranges of terminals and terminal blocks to its 2008/2009 product catalogue.

Crimp terminals are a quick and easy way to connect wires to electrical items that have terminals for connections; they therefore find applications in a wide range of markets, from automotive to domestic appliances. The range includes 11 new styles of pre-insulated crimp terminal that combine high quality with competitive pricing. Styles include ring, spade, pin and blade terminals. Male tabs and female push-on terminals are also available in both partially and fully insulated formats. The colour-coded high-grade PVC insulation makes crimping easy while ensuring complete integrity of the termination. The tab and push-on terminal design incorporates an integral copper ring that improves the crimped joint's resistance to vibration. Wires sizes from 0.5 to 6mm2 are covered.

For heavy-duty power wiring, a range of copper tube crimp terminals is available to suit wire sizes up to 95mm2; these have a bell-mouth entry for ease of cable insertion. All terminals have inspection holes to check that the cable is properly inserted before crimping.

The new range of terminal blocks is suitable for general-purpose applications. Available in 12-pole strips, they suit wire sizes from 4-25mm2 with current ratings from 3-101amps. The polyethylene insulation is easy to cut, yet withstands temperatures up to 80degC.

More information on the new ranges of crimp terminals and terminal blocks is available on the Anixter Components website.

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