6U CompactPCI boards feature 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processor

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6U CompactPCI boards feature 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processorKontron's CP6016 processor board is claimed to set new performance-per-watt standards in the high-end 6U CompactPCI class for rugged RASM (reliability, availability, scalability and manageability) applications.

Based on the high-performance and low-power 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processor T9400, this latest Kontron CompactPCI board excels over the previous 65nm Intel Core2 Duo processor T7500-based board with up to 25 per cent faster core speeds (2.53GHz), 50 per cent more L2 cache (6MB) and a 60 per cent faster FSB (1066MHz), yet energy consumption remains similar.

Norbert Hauser, VP of marketing at Kontron, states: "The 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processor T9400 makes the Kontron CP6016 one of the most robust 6U CompactPCI boards for RASM applications on the market. One special value-adding feature is the ability to increase system performance while maintaining stable thermal design power or reduce system cooling investments without compromising performance."

Joe Jensen, general manager at Intel's Embedded Computing Division, adds: "Multi-core processors such as the 45nm Intel Core2 Duo processors and advanced technologies are completely changing the concept of threading in 6U CompactPCI system environments without exceeding the thermal envelope. We expect the new Kontron CP6016 6U CompactPCI board with the Intel Core2 Duo processor T9400 will help to address the requirements of security and communication applications."

Outstanding performance

Designed for densely packed, thermally constrained CompactPCI systems that require outstanding performance in a typical 50W or less power envelope, the power-optimised Kontron CP6016 CompactPCI CPU board enables out-of-band communication with all hardware components through an IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). It thereby meets high standards for the management of high-availability applications and there is an onboard Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) for data and software protection. This makes the robust Kontron CP6016 CompactPCI board exceptionally attractive to multiple markets, including highly sensitive, security-relevant telecom and datacom applications. Bandwidth-intensive image processing, multi-media, and test and measurement applications will also benefit from the impressive 6MB of L2 cache and up to 16GB of registered DDR2 ECC SO-RDIMM memory.

For maximum application flexibility, the Kontron CP6016 CompactPCI CPU board comes with an extensive range of interfaces: six SATA ports with RAID 0/1/5 functionality for enhanced data security, seven USB 2.0 ports, two RS232 ports, VGA and high-definition audio (HDA) interfaces, as well as five Gigabit Ethernet interfaces connected via PCI Express to meet the high-performance requirements of communications applications. One of the six available SATA ports can be used for an onboard 2.5inch SATA hard drive. An XMC socket (via PCI Express x8) and PMC socket for mezzanine cards ensure plenty of room for customised expansions. An onboard USB Flash option completes the feature set of the CP6016, which can be used in a system or peripheral slot.

The Kontron CP6016 CompactPCI 6U processor board runs with Linux, Microsoft Windows XP, XP embedded or Windows Server 2003. Highly integrated packages support all onboard hardware devices, and also specific features such as hotswap, IPMI, power and thermal management, enabling effortless integration among scalable multi-CPU systems.

Samples of the Kontron CP6016 CompactPCI processor board are available now. Full production is scheduled for the third quarter of 2008.

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