Quick-curing adhesive bonds metals and magnetic materials

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ThreeBond's new 1359E adhesive is a universal quick-curing one-component reactive adhesive based on acrylate. It is especially suited for use in electric motors – for example, in bonding ferrite magnets in all types of motor, from prime mover to servo or computer drives and other micro electronics. Applications may be found everywhere from consumer products to industrial equipment including electronic, office, audio, energy-saving and information-related equipment.

1359E is a new addition to ThreeBond's wide range of adhesives, coating agents, impregnation agents, magnet locking agents, balance adjusting agents and sealants, all capable of enhancing motor performance and reliability. Indeed, 1359E is part of a trend that sees acrylics replacing epoxy (eg for bonding ferrites to rotors in stepping motors) and anaerobic adhesives, bonding plastic magnets as well as metals.

The new adhesive combines anaerobic and heat curing, making it widely applicable, and is particularly useful for the assembly, repair and industrial manufacture of high-strength, elastic joints with large gaps. Polymeric curing is effected quickly (eg 10 minutes at 120degC), producing a flexible resin that provides good sealing and excellent resistance to the adverse effects of heat, moisture and vibration.

Typical adhesive applications in electric motors include bonding of bearings, shaft-to-rotor, magnet-to-rotor, wires-to-coil, triangular coils to former, thermal conductive components, as well as balance adjustment, prevention of screws from loosening and protection of electronic parts. In particular, hard disc drive motors employ zero outgassing adhesives for fixing of wires, bonding voice coil motor magnets and cases, and for sealing connectors.

In comparison with many traditional fixing methodologies, ThreeBond's 1359E offers cost-saving advantages for bonding many metals such as steel, aluminium, zinc and their alloys. For further information go to

26 September 2008

ThreeBond Europe S.A.S. (UK Branch)visit website
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