Pneumatic rotary tables achieve high repeatability

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Pneumatic rotary tables achieve high repeatabilityParker Hannifin is introducing a new range of pneumatic rotary table units that are designed to provide precise rotational control in a wide range of automation applications. The P5W series units incorporate a number of features that make them simple to install and able to deliver high levels of repeatability over long, low-maintenance service lives, thereby maximising productivity.

These units provide precise control from 0 to 190 degrees, even under heavy loads, with specially designed load fixing and centring capabilities. End stroke cushioning using adjustable stops or hydraulic buffers offers dependable linear cushioning, enabling objects to be carried and positioned safely and securely.

With an aluminium body and stainless steel turntable, the P5W series actuators are highly resistant to corrosion and able to withstand temperatures of between +5 and +60degC, which optimises service life and minimises maintenance requirements.

Parker's engineers have designed the units to be fast and simple to install, with air supply ports at each end for easy connection to the compressed air system, a through-hole for wiring and piping, and optional sensors that further simplify installation. The units can be either top- or bottom-mounted.

P5W series units are available in seven sizes, from 10 to 63mm, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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