High-efficiency air filter reduces noise of marine engines

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High-efficiency air filter reduces noise of marine enginesA heavy-duty air filter/silencer, the AF M701212 from the Racor Division of Parker Hannifin, has been developed to reduce air flow restriction by 20 per cent compared with previous models, providing effective air filtration for high-performance marine engines, and resulting in more reliable and noticeably quieter performance.

Contaminants introduced into the air supply from both outside and inside a vessel are removed by the AF M701212. The filter's specially designed oil-impregnated media can remove sand, salt and other contaminants effectively, preventing them from degrading the performance and reducing the service life of the engine. Furthermore, the filter housing features an integral hose connection, which routes clean blow-by gases from the CCV back into the engine, thereby increasing efficiency and enabling the latest environmental regulations to be met simply and cost-effectively.

In addition to providing reliable air filtration, the AF M701212 is designed to reduce turbo noise, resulting in a noticeably quieter engine room and helping to ensure the health and safety of operators.

Compared with previous models, the heavy-duty AF M701212 reduces air flow restriction by 20 per cent, as its 178mm outlet enables the unit to accommodate the higher intake flow rates common in current high-performance marine engines. Additionally, the air filter/silencer is equipped with two restriction indicator positions and is available with either a 25mm or 32mm CCV port for increased versatility.

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