2.5mm orifice achieves close-tolerance flow restriction

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2.5mm orifice achieves close-tolerance flow restrictionLee Products is introducing a 2.5mm insert-style orifice, which will help designers striving to reduce weight and save space while lowering overall design and assembly time. Designed for liquids and gases, the new Lee IMH 2.5mm orifice is claimed to be the smallest, self-retained restrictor available.

The new orifice is 100 per cent flow-tested on water (or nitrogen for the gas version) to ensure that every part is within +/-5 per cent of its nominal flow rate. This ensures a more consistent system performance and reduces the need for system rework. Flow tolerances as tight as this are only possible if entrance and exit conditions of the orifice are closely controlled. This ensures far more accuracy than an orifice specified by hole tolerance, because an ordinary hole held to a very tight tolerance will not result in a tight flow tolerance.

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, the 2.5mm orifice is available in a range of Lohm rates and selected models are offered with an integral safety screen. Installation is simple, using Lee Products' controlled expansion principle that provides retention and creates a leak-tight seal to prevent bypass leakage.

The orifice is installed by simply inserting it into a drilled hole and then driving an expansion pin into the orifice body to seal and securely lock it into place.

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