iPro 8000 MP SLA machine rivals CNC machining

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3D Systems Corporation is launching the iPro 8000 MP SLA Precision Center, a new system for manufacturing small, precision custom parts that rivals the accuracy and detail of CNC milling.

Equipped for automated, pushbutton data processing of hundreds of files at a time, the iPro 8000 MP SLA Precision Center is suitable for the rapid mass customisation of medical parts, including orthodontics, implant drill guides, dental restorations, hearing aid shells and ear moulds. Designed with an integrated materials' management system for quick resin change, lot tracking and quality control, this system is equipped with an integrated resin delivery module for building parts up to two inches (or 50mm) high.

Adding to the next-generation iPro family, which is based on decades of 3D Systems' patented SLA technology, the iPro 8000 MP SLA Precision Center is a mid-range, compact-footprint stereolithography system. 3D Systems is accepting orders for this new system for fourth-quarter 2008 shipments.

Lee Dockstader, Vice-President and General Manager for 3D Systems' stereolithography products, says: "We are excited to be able to deliver to the marketplace a rapid manufacturing solution that leverages decades of mass-customisation know-how and experience. This system should enhance our ability to meet our customers' needs for medical parts in the growing digital dental restoration marketplace as well as expand our participation in mass customisation applications for other medical devices."

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