An easy way to control a GPIB device over Ethernet

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Any computer with an Ethernet port can be converted into a GPIB controller or device with the GPIB-LAN controller. In controller mode, the GPIB-LAN controller can remotely control GPIB-enabled instruments such as oscilloscopes, logic analysers and spectrum analysers. In device mode, the GPIB-LAN controller converts the computer into a GPIB peripheral for downloading data and screen plots from the instrument front panel. In both modes, the GPIB-LAN controller interprets high-level commands received from the host computer and performs the appropriate low-level GPIB protocol handshaking.

No special drivers are required and a wide variety of host software may be used to communicate with the GPIB-LAN. The GPIB-LAN controller supports static IP and dynamic (DHCP) IP addresses. The controller's network parameters can be configured using the supplied NetFinder application.

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