Electromechanical joining module applies low loads

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Kistler Instruments’ new NCFT Type 2157A electromechanical joining module has been designed specifically for applications where precise positioning and reliable repeatability must be combined with very small joining forces. Typically, the new module will be suitable for manual and automated assembly of small and miniature components, such as inserting small bearings and gear wheels into miniature gearboxes. Based on the well-proven design of Kistler's large joining modules, the new module uses integrated force-displacement monitoring to achieve 100 per cent quality assurance throughout the joining phase.

An integrated piezoelectric force sensor allows each module to cover two switchable measuring ranges. Three options are available, each offering two switchable force ranges up to a maximum of 0.25kN, 0.5kN and 1kN. The high resolution of 0.5um combined with a stroke speed of up to 300mm/s maintains operational precision while enabling fast joining cycles and short return stokes. The small size of the new module and simplicity of installation allow high-density configuration of assembly jigs. The associated force-displacement monitoring system displays the force-displacement curve in real time, and the programmable analysis window allows all phases of the joining process to be continuously evaluated.

This new addition to the Kistler range of joining electromechanical modules brings the total range to four type series, covering joining forces from 0.25kN to 300kN.

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03 November 2008

Kistler Instruments Ltdvisit website
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