Budgetbeam shaft coupling offers high torsional stiffness

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Budgetbeam shaft coupling offers high torsional stiffnessAbssac's Budgetbeam shaft coupling delivers high torsional stiffness and torque transmission capability together with a long product life. Using a patented method of manufacture, a high-pitch double-start helical beam configuration is used within the single-piece construction to ensure torsional rigidity while offering lower radial loads than are associated with triple-start alternatives.

Attaching the shaft coupling to the motor shaft and driven shaft is straightforward, with two options available: the set screw shaft attachment design, where two sets of grub screws at 120 degrees apart affix to the shaft at each hub end, and the integral clamp attachment design (pictured), which ensures shaft concentricity and total shaft clamping for zero-backlash torque delivery.

Available in aluminium or stainless steel as standard, the Budgetbeam shaft coupling can accept up to 5 degrees of angular and 0.1mm of parallel shaft misalignment. Stocked in metric bores from 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm to 12mm the Budgetbeam shaft coupling is a low-cost way of ensuring torsional wind-up does not enter into a drive design.

This low-cost coupling is suitable for closed-loop encoder and servomotor applications as well as lead screw-to-motor connections, both of which require high torsional stiffness to avoid loss of registration. The Budgetbeam shaft coupling can also be purchased online at

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