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Monitoring tool loading on machine tools and assembly machines is essential for quality control and prevention of overload damage; the Type 9234A self-contained strain sensor from Kistler Instruments can be used on a wide range of manual and automatic machine tools, from mechanical presses to riveting, clinching and spot-welding equipment. Fixed to the machine frame by a single M6 screw, the sensor is claimed to be exceptionally easy to install and use for measuring both dynamic and quasi-static stresses indirectly.

A built-in charge amplifier with remote range switching provides an industry-standard analogue +/-10V output and the range can be changed from a dedicated remote control or directly by the machine PLC. Each of two measuring ranges can be adjusted to a specific value or signal curve in 100 steps. The signal can be displayed locally and remotely and used to stop the process via the machine PLC when an out-of-range load or a potentially damaging overload is detected. When required, the output signal can be processed as a relative value or calibrated against an appropriate standard to provide absolute measurements in N or kN.

Mounted on a clean, unpainted area of the machine frame, the sensor can monitor C-frame machine tools, such as presses and automatic assembly machines, for various tasks:

  • To prevent overload damage
  • Monitor riveting, clinching and resistance spot-welding processes for quality assurance
  • Detect tool breakage or collision in machine tools

In addition, the sensor is suitable for use in research and development applications requiring ease of installation and precision combined with versatility and reliability.

Follow the link for more information about the various models of 9234A strain transmitter.

06 November 2008

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