Air-to-air heat exchanger designed for mobile rail applications

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Air-to-air heat exchanger designed for mobile rail applicationsRittal has developed an air-to-air heat exchanger that is tailored to the needs of the mobile railway engineering industry. Available in both 24V DC and 110V DC versions, the exchangers have been constructed to EN 50155 and vibration tested to EN 61373.

Offering long-term reliable cooling, the units extract heat from inside the enclosure to the surrounding environment using only two working parts. Two fan motors housed inside the exchanger control the internal and external airflows independently. The exchanger matrix, made from aluminium, is light but durable and spray finished in RAL 7035 S to DB TL 918340.

Air-to-air heat exchangers offer a straightforward platform for servicing due to their simplicity. Filter mats are available for dirty environments as well as a matrix module that can easily be removed for cleaning with compressed air in less than five minutes. Quick-connect electrical connections and the modular fans allow fast servicing and rapid replacement of parts in the event of failure.

Digital controllers monitor the internal temperature so if an enclosure reaches a predetermined set point an alarm is displayed. A fault signal can also be sent via a floating contact.

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