Manifold mounts for micro-dispense solenoid valves

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Manifold mounts for micro-dispense solenoid valvesAn injection manifold mount system that enables the precise injection of a fluid into a flow stream is the latest addition to the Lee Products range of miniature components. This new system means any ported Lee VHS (Very High Speed) micro-dispense solenoid valve can be mounted so that the outlet port is in close proximity to the flow stream. This ensures the dual benefit of minimal captive capillary volume and increased injected volume repeatability.

Lee VHS two-way solenoid valves are suitable for applications requiring very precise liquids control down to microlitre and nanolitre dispense volumes. As a result, this new mount system will be suitable for laboratory, biomedical and chemistry applications, and especially for flow injection analysers (FIA).

Among the key features are captive capillary volume of 0.5ul and pressures up to 120psi. A Teflon (ferrule) is the only additional wetted material, so the mounting nut and pressure plate do not contact the fluid and the valves can be rotated after installation without compromising the seal.

Manifolds are available in one-, two-, three- and four-place standard options. However, for greater flexibility and to enable future expansion, boss plugs are available to seal unused valve ports in the manifold. Valves and plugs can be installed and removed repeatedly as required.

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