ConCentra roller bearing never needs relubrication

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ConCentra  roller bearing never needs relubricationSKF is introducing the ConCentra relubrication-free roller bearing unit for industrial fans used in air-handling equipment in factories, airports, hospitals, office buildings and elsewhere.

Combined with the already available SKF ConCentra ball bearing units, the new SKF ConCentra roller bearing units provide the complete fan shaft support system, totally relubrication free. This extends bearing and machine service life, reduces maintenance time and costs, and reduces grease consumption. These bearings also reduce energy consumption by reducing friction and vibration.

In traditional industrial air-handling equipment bearings, failures are often caused by under- or over-greasing the bearings, using the wrong grease, or by the ingress of contaminants into the bearing. The patented SKF ConCentra ball and roller units are pre-greased and do not need to be lubricated before or after they have been installed. The bearing units also feature integral seals that provide additional protection from contaminants.

Faster installation

SKF ConCentra bearing units incorporate a number of additional design features that contribute to enhanced productivity and service life. Ready to mount, they can be typically installed 20-30 minutes faster than sleeve-mounted bearings in a split housing.

An innovative locking system provides a true concentric fit on the shaft that is tight, accurate and highly reliable, even under the most difficult operating conditions. This helps with general bearing/machine performance, plus it also makes dismounting very quick and easy because there is no surface corrosion between the bearing inner ring and the shaft. In contrast, surface corrosion can occur with some alternative bearing unit designs, meaning that it takes much more time to dislodge those bearings from the shaft and clean away the corrosion before remounting the replacement unit.

In a locking technology based on a thin-walled, multi-tapered sleeve, where the profile on one side resembles the teeth of a saw, a corresponding profile is machined into the underside of the bearing inner ring. The tightening of the three screws causes these two saw teeth to mesh together and reduces the equivalent inner ring bore diameter the more the screws are turned. The locking function is fully achieved when the required torque has been applied to each screw. The predetermined torque can be achieved by a 'smart' Allen key provided with the unit, that indicates when the torque is reached, or by using a professional torque wrench. This multi-tapered sleeve technology also guarantees concentric locking of the shaft within the bearing.

Designed for outstanding durability, the units can accommodate shaft deflections and misalignment. Protection from external damage is provided by SKF's cast-iron plummer block-bearing housing, which is designed to accommodate condition-monitoring applications.

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