Multi-Contact launches Isoprobe III high-frequency test probes

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Multi-Contact is launching the third generation of its Isoprobe high-frequency test probes. The Isoprobe III probes have a coaxial connecting cable with particularly low capacitance, which, combined with changes to the interior of the probe, produce a very low input capacitance and rapid rise times.

The highly flexible PVC-insulated coaxial leads terminate in a BNC plug with integrated compensation unit. The ergonomic design of these passive probes makes them easy to use, particularly when working with small components.

Most models in the Isoprobe III range have 10:1 dividing ratios, while a 100:1 probe is available for measurements on sensitive circuits. Frequency ranges vary from 250-500MHz. Input capacitance for the basic probes is as low as 12pF, with a rise time of 0.9ns.

A range of probe sets is available including push-on accessories (adapters, clips, converters, etc) for applications such as bridging long distances and testing busbars. The probes are compatible with all oscilloscopes.

The safety probes are touch-protected to 1000V, CATIII (600V, CATIV) according to IEC EN 61010-031:2002. A 2mm diameter safety socket for connecting a reference lead is provided in the handling part of the probes.

10 November 2008

STÄUBLI (UK) Ltd (connectors division)visit website
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