High-accuracy transducers use magnetostrictive technology

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High-accuracy linear displacement transducers are available from Solartron Metrology. The in-cylinder S953 is part of the GEMCO series and uses magnetostrictive technology to provide non-contact measurement in harsh environments.

With a measuring range of up to 7.62m and a linearity of better than 0.01 per cent, the sensor is vibration-resistant to 30g and shock-resistant to 1000g. Its rugged IP68-rated design makes it particularly suitable for heavy industrial hydraulics applications such as steel and paper mills, materials handling, assembly automation and robotics.

Setting up the transducer is quick and easy, without needing connection to a laptop computer. Automatic gain control means that the S953 can be used with other magnet types, enabling it to be retrofitted to an existing application.

A mill-duty housing is available to protect the transducer from physical or environmental damage such as high temperatures or corrosive chemicals. Originally designed for steel mill applications, the stainless steel housing has a simple two-point mounting arrangement that can compensate for any lateral or horizontal play during operation.

Version for pneumatics

Also available from Solartron is the GEMCO S955 linear displacement transducer. With its extruded aluminium housing, this IP67-rated magnetostrictive sensor is suitable for pneumatics applications and has a measuring range from 100-4572mm. Linearity is better than 0.05 per cent.

Easy to set up, it is designed for OEM users needing a cost-effective alternative to limit switches, proximity sensors and linear potentiometers.

Both sensors provide digital and analogue outputs, and have a three-colour LED for diagnostics. Their non-contact operation means that wear is not a problem, leading to long lifetimes.

The addition of the GEMCO sensors broadens Solartron's range of linear displacement transducers, which includes LVDTs with stroke lengths from 1-300mm.

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