New range of miniature single- and double-disc couplings

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Ruland is offering miniature disc couplings both in single- and double-disc styles. Disc couplings are high-performance motion control couplings with zero backlash, speed capabilities up to 10,000rpm, strength and torsional stiffness characteristics, as well as low inertia for today's highly responsive systems. Disc couplings are often used in servomotor and lead screw applications. In addition, two single-disc couplings are often used in tandem when greater misalignment or a longer distance is required, such as on gantry systems.

Ruland's disc couplings consist of two black anodised aluminium hubs, multiple flat stainless steel disc springs to transmit torque, and a centre spacer for double-disc styles. The thin discs allow for a substantial amount of misalignment between shafts, while remaining rigid under torque loads. Parallel misalignment is accommodated by the double-disc style or by two single-disc couplings used in tandem.

Double-disc couplings are available with either an anodised aluminium centre spacer or an electrically isolating acetal centre spacer. Both disc couplings types are offered in clamp style and set screw style, with standard outer diameters from 15mm to 57mm, and bore sizes from 1/8inch to 1.25inch in the inch series and 3mm to 30mm in the metric series. Couplings with different bores sizes including mixed inch and metric are available.

Disc couplings are part of Ruland's complete product line, which includes shaft collars and rigid couplings with precision-honed bores and five types of zero backlash motion control couplings: beam couplings, bellows couplings, Oldham couplings, curved jaw couplings and miniature disc couplings.

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20 November 2008

Ruland Manufacturing Co Incvisit website
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