Low-profile process lock includes status signal output

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Jokab Safety has designed a small process lock that can operate in most conditions. The Dalton can be installed with its opening in different directions, and is easily fitted due to its low height. The Dalton status is indicated by LEDs and the position of the lock can also be read via the signal output.

The Dalton has low current consumption, both during locking and while it is locked. The lock is easily connected via an M12 connector, and a junction block Tina 12A can be used to distribute the safety and locking functions.

Dalton locking units are used to prevent unnecessary process stoppages – it is not a safety lock. It can be used either as a free-standing lock or integrated with Jokab's Eden non-contact safety sensor. In the unlocked state the door is retained by a ball catch, with adjustable holding force. The ball catch can be locked mechanically to keep the door closed, ie while the ball catch is engaged. For versions with an integrated safety sensor the Eden sensors are also required to have contacts for reading.

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