Camera features XGA output for direct connection to a monitor

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Firstsight Vision (which will be known as Stemmer Imaging from January 2009) is introducing a simple colour camera with XGA output. Designed purely for visualisation, this camera connects directly to a TFT or similar monitor and requires no computer interface. A built-in cross-hair generator ensures accurate alignment, making it an inexpensive and elegant real-time imaging system for a variety of applications.

A welcome alternative to the increasingly complex and sophisticated cameras currently available, the new XGA camera features RGB, gain control and HD-quality imaging. It is suitable for applications requiring monitoring by a human operator such as product/process inspection, vehicle/aircraft control and medical imaging. Since no PC is necessary, there are no mechanical or software issues and less space is required.

The new camera is fully compatible with a wide range of monitors including CRT computer monitors as well as LCD and plasma displays operating in the standard 4:3 or widescreen 16:9 formats. It is supplied 'ready to go' complete with a compact power supply.

An enhanced version of the camera is available with four horizontal and four vertical cross-hairs that are independently selectable. Independent positioning and choice of colour for each cross-hair brings increased flexibility to highlight multiple features within an image.

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