Pick-O-Mat assembly system achieves speed and reliability

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Pneumatically operated special-purpose assembly machines require complex control systems and an array of sensors, which can be susceptible to failure. According to Weiss, such machines carry with them a risk that the machine builder will fail to meet customers' demands for ever-increasing speed, reliability and output. Weiss has therefore developed the Pick-O-Mat, a cam-operated assembly system that is designed and built upon the Weiss philosophy of providing high performance and cost effective systems for assembly tasks.

The Pick-O-Mat system uses a single central drive to operate up to 24 pick-and-place modules at speeds of up to 75 cycles per minute, providing a robust and reliable platform for automated assembly. The rotary indexing table is linked electronically to the central drive, providing smooth and synchronous operation, with one 360-degree rotation of the barrel cam on the central drive unit generating a complete cycle (four vertical strokes plus two horizontal strokes) for the pick-and-place units. Vertical and horizontal strokes are 40mm and 120mm, respectively, and positional repeatability is +/-0.03mm. Different strokes can be implemented on the individual pick-and-place stations by modifying the lever mechanisms. These attributes make the Pick-O-Mat concept adaptable to a wide range of automated assembly applications.

Two models of Pick-O-Mat are available: the PM1100 with a 1050mm diameter dial plate and the PM1500 with a 1500mm dial plate. The latter model can also accommodate up to 36 index positions. The design simplicity of the Pick-O-Mat, combined with the repeatability and reliability of Weiss products, mean that machine builders and end users can expect high up times and efficiencies.

Add-on automation components

The Pick-O-Mat concept does not stop at the assembly mechanism; Weiss also offers a wide range of complementary items, allowing machine builders or end users to specify as much or as little 'standard' automation as they wish - and minimise the amount of design effort if so required.

For example, an essential part of any automation system, if speed and repeatability are to be maintained, is a robust machine base. Weiss offers standard options on circular or square steel fabricated machine bases (which can also be manufactured to the customer's drawing), providing a sound mounting platform for the Pick-O-Mat. Additional assembly modules such as lift units, press units and the Weiss HP140 programmable pick-and-place unit can be specified and mechanically integrated by Weiss at the production stage, thereby saving valuable machine development time for machine builders or end users.

The performance and flexibility of the Pick-O-Mat system enables it to be used in a number of different industrial applications: assembly of electrical sockets, domestic plumbing components, regulator valves and packing DVD's into cases, to name but a few.

Weiss manufactures a complete range of rotary and linear indexing systems, plus fully programmable pick-and-place units, which can be applied to a wide range of automation applications.

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