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With the Kontron Concept Box, Kontron is presenting a new series of fanless compact Embedded Box PCs that come in different physical sizes and can be flexibly configured according to individual functional requirements. This significantly reduces the time-to-market for compact Box PCs with customer-specific configurations.

Starting from dimensions of 40 x 200 x 200mm (H x W x D), OEMs can use the ‘form follows function’ principle to configure their individual Embedded Box PCs with respect to size, system components and feature set in order to meet their application-specific requirements. From the outset, the flexible assembly and interface concepts have been designed to meet different OEM configuration requirements. This significantly reduces initial development costs. In addition, OEMs achieve faster time-to-market thanks to 5-5-5 service: a system simulation is ready within five days and the first fully functioning prototype five weeks after the successful simulation. Series production begins five weeks after prototype approval. Box PCs are used in the automation, POS/POI, medical, security, transportation and gaming sectors.

Norbert Hauser, Vice President of Marketing at Kontron, explains: "With the Kontron Concept Box OEMs receive a tailor-made Box PC platform for their individual applications that has the flexibility of a custom design and the time-to-market of a commercial-off-the-shelf solution. Kontron thereby extends its series of COTS Box PCs with an additional member that now offers scalability in terms of its physical dimensions. This minimises the amount of customisation effort for small Box PCs. After the successful introduction of this solution with mini-ITX motherboards, we are looking forward to extending this concept to other form factors."

Housing sizes and shapes

A modular housing concept gives the Kontron Concept Box a high level of versatility. This concept is based on standard housing profiles that come in different lengths and widths as required. Standard profiles are also used on the front panel, with individual openings for dedicated I/O, as well as at the rear. The flexible design is a considerable advantage when it comes to custom assembly in OEM devices and implementing application-specific interfaces.

Expansion cards can be positioned exactly where they are needed: in the expansion slots, or flatter with the use of raiser adapters or by means of embedded cables next to, in front of, behind or under the motherboard. This can be implemented with standard PCI and PCI Express expansion cards or with any other PCI or PCI Express-compatible expansion card. A simple Concept Box, for example, can be implemented with a motherboard and Slim Raid hard drive that are positioned either next to each other (flat and wide), one behind the other (flat and deep) or one above the other (narrow and high). The shape of the system is thereby determined by the requirements of the OEM device or installation environment. Following the hard drive example, the standard interface block of the mini-ITX motherboard can be positioned to the right, left, above or below. Placing the interface block below is only possible when the processor cooling system permits convection cooling from below.

The choice of Kontron mini-ITX motherboard and processor determines which basis version of the Kontron Concept Box is used. Customers have a wide choice ranging from the Intel Atom Z5xx processors, Intel Core2 Duo processors and AMD processors. All of the Kontron Concept Boxes are fanless for reliable operation in temperatures ranging from 0 to 50degC. The maximum Thermal Design Power for the motherboard is 35W and the system is designed to operate with a maximum power demand of 70W. Power supply is via DC-IN.

Kontron’s Concept Box is available tailor-made and tested and, if required, certified. Each individual system is incorporated into Kontron's product portfolio to give it the same long-term availability management as a serial product. Kontron takes care of the entire production, from the motherboard to producing the complete Box PC system according to customer-specific batch sizes. Follow the link for more information about the Kontron Concept Box.

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