Virtual reality studio reproduces high-quality 3D models

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Autodesk is revealing its system for visualising digital prototypes, enabling, among other things, the evaluation of car designs before these are actually produced. In co-operation with Sony Professional, British HoloVis International, Swedish Majenta Solutions and others, Autodesk has built a virtual reality studio at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen. The studio reproduces 3D models which are practically indistinguishable from the real thing. Press conference participants were equipped with special interactive 3D glasses whose built-in stereo transmitters constantly register the viewer's position relative to the model, enabling exploration of the 3D visualisation inside and out – regardless of whether the model represents a car, a helicopter or any other large assembly.

With Autodesk software - including Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk AliasStudio and Autodesk Showcase - it is now possible to create a complete virtual prototype of any product. Referred to as Digital Prototyping, the method reduces the need for multiple costly and time-consuming physical prototypes, while rendering product development and design work processes much more efficient.

According to the Autodesk PR manager for Northern Europe, Mikael Löwenhielm, Digital Prototyping is already a key competitive differentiator in many global industries including consumer products, industrial machinery, automotive and transportation. This is why the development and demonstration of this technology are so high on Autodesk's strategic agenda.

Löwenhielm says: "Digital Prototyping makes it possible to optimise and validate a design much earlier in a development process than physical prototyping. This is why the technology and work processes are making such gains throughout industry, resulting in reduced product development costs and much faster time-to-market. While we continually work to develop and refine our Digital Prototyping product portfolio, the design solution for true Digital Prototyping that we have presented in Copenhagen today enables unprecedentedly realistic representation of 3D models."

The press conference at the Danish Design Centre was the first time that Sony Professional demonstrated its latest SRX-T1 xx series of ultra-high-resolution projectors outside Japan. The new projector series is said to set new standards for the image quality of digital design data visualisation, and played a key role in the virtual reality studio at the press conference.

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