Misumi offers wider choice of linear motion units

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Misumi offers wider choice of linear motion unitsComplete linear products are currently in high demand, as they require less work and less time than equipment that must be assembled by the user. In light of this reality, Misumi Europa is expanding its portfolio. Its range of ready-to-install linear motion units now includes models with manual drive and bellows.

Misumi has recently added a number of linear units with manual drive for applications in which no repetition frequency is required, or where the units only need to be repositioned infrequently or occasionally readjusted. The assembly consists of an extruded aluminium base (strength class T5) in which the slide is driven by a handwheel via an acme screw drive. This is available in three variants: two are equipped with a plastic handwheel, of which one is retractable, and the third has a spoked metal handwheel. The units can be assembled to enable both vertical and horizontal motion. Insertion slots to receive the respective positioning scales are provided on the sides and bottom of the base. The spindle can be locked in place with the aid of indicator collars.

Models with bellows, JACK types, are another recent innovation. These models are further divided, according to the motor they use, into KUAJ types for operation with servomotors and KUBJ types for operation with stepping motors. Units with bellows are suitable for clean-room applications, and also for use with machines and systems in the food industry or surface treatment applications such as painting. The shield prevents lubricant from being ejected by the threaded spindle and escaping; it also prevents contaminants from penetrating the unit and affecting the movement of the guide.

As for the KUA and LX series linear motion units, Misumi also offers a wide range of shaping options and stepless dimension variations (flexible configuration and sizing) that enable users to customise the product to the specific requirements of their application economically and efficiently.

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