Toshiba IK-TFx remote head 3-CCD cameras

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A new series of three miniature remote head 3-CCD cameras is now available from Firstsight Vision (known as Stemmer Imaging from January 2009). The IK-TFx series cameras from Toshiba feature compact camera systems with small dimensions and low weight, yet they provide high resolution and excellent colour reproduction. The micro-heads measure 32.6 x 38.6 x 41mm.

Using the base configuration, the control unit for the remote head provides a mini CameraLink output. The associated cables can be used for robotic applications and are available in 3m and 5m lengths. The cameras can be controlled via an RS232 port or from an on-screen menu.

Three different resolutions are available from VGA (659 x 494pixels) to QXGA (2048 x 1536pixels) with refresh rates up to 180 frames/s, making this family of cameras suitable for a number of applications including medical imaging, image processing and other tasks with high-quality colour requirements.

The IK-TF9H camera head uses three 1/3inch CCD sensors with QXGA resolution, which offers 20 frames/s in progressive scan mode or up to 40 frames/s in partial scan mode. The IK-TF7H also has a 1/3inch 3CCD sensor, but offers XGA resolution (1024 x 768pixels). It enables 30 frames/s in progressive scan mode and up to 90 frames/s in partial scan mode. The IK-TF5H camera head offers VGA resolution. A frame rate of 60 frames/s can be obtained in progressive scan mode with its 1/3inch 3CCD sensor and up to 180 frames/s in partial scan mode.

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