Balluff BOS 50K optical sensor is 'best in class'

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Balluff BOS 50K optical sensor is 'best in class'Balluff is introducing a new, powerful series of optical object-detection sensors using red light; the new BOS 50K is a diffuse sensor with IP67 protection and background suppression.

This new block-style sensor, with a measuring range of 200-2000mm and a Fresnel receiver element lens, is suitable for object detection over long distances, including assembly operations outside the hazardous area such as in the automobile, wood-processing and packaging industries. Powerful and with a grey value shift described as unmatched, this sensor is claimed as the best in its class.

With a selectable light-on or dark-on diffuse sensor with background suppression, the BOS 50K is available in six versions – PNP, NPN, normally-open, normally-closed and complementary. Setting the switching distance is easy using a 10-turn potentiometer. Two 360-degree visible LEDs for displaying the switching state and fault conditions ensure a complete overview of sensor conditions. Sensor alignment is assisted by the red optical dot, which is highly visible over the entire sensing range.

Mounting is easy. In the simplest case users can fix the BOS 50K, which is also equipped with a flexible plug terminal, directly to the equipment using two screws. Alternately, clamp-mounting is possible, or the Balluff BMS universal mounting system provides a variety of mounting options.

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