Laser triangulation sensor is adapted for motorsport

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Laser triangulation sensor is adapted for motorsportA specially adapted laser triangulation sensor, aimed at autosport ride height measurement applications, is available from Variohm Eurosensor. Equally suitable for on-vehicle testing in the wind tunnel or on the track, the IP67-rated RF603 series includes a 0.5-4.5V DC ratiometric output from a 4.5-9V DC supply with a frequency response of 8kHz for high-speed position measurement over a programmable range of up to 1000mm. An RS232 serial port is also included for fast 460kbits/s data streaming with dedicated PC software supplied for straightforward interfacing and set-up.

This long-life, maintenance-free unit is supplied in a wide choice of combined stand-off and measurement distance ranges. A typical 90mm stand-off and 100mm distance measurement model is able to resolve to 0.01mm with linearity to 0.1mm.

With a volume of only 65 x 50 x 20mm and weighing just 100g, the RF603 is easily mounted via two 3.6mm diameter holes on 45mm centres. For increased durability the unit combines a fully sealed anodised aluminium enclosure and toughened glass lenses and is rated at 30g shock loading with a -10degC to +60degC operating temperature range.

Connection and installation is simplified with a Binder 702 (IP67) connector fitted as standard and a mating 3m cable with moulded connector set supplied. The unit is also available with permanently attached cable option with length to suit customers' requirement.


The RF603 series has been developed for the autosports arena from a pedigree of demanding industrial applications as diverse as steel production and semiconductor fabrication, where it is used for high-speed precision position and displacement measurement from 2-1000mm as well as vibration and surface profile measurement.

Other interface options include RS 485 and CANbus for 1Mbits/s position feedback in single or networked multi-axis measurement systems. Alternative voltage and current output versions, and power supply options up to 36V DC, are also available. Application-customised options include protective air-cooled housings for use in higher ambient temperatures, and built-in heaters for low-temperature operation. 2D scanning laser versions are also available.

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