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See SKF's Analyzer AX at MAINTEC 09At MAINTEC 09, SKF will be exhibiting the Analyzer AX, a new product in its Microlog range of handheld instruments. The device can be used for a variety of data collection tasks and customised to meet the needs of individual applications, therefore speeding up equipment monitoring rounds.

Incorporating an 806MHz Xscale processor, the SKF Microlog Analyzer AX provides real-time rate and display updates, which can be viewed clearly on the instrument's 6.4inch VGA colour display. In addition to all the features that SKF Microlog is known for, including SKF acceleration enveloping (gE) technology, the device offers four-channel non-route, two-channel or simultaneous triaxial route analysis, and two-channel balancing.

Protected to IP65, the rugged dust- and water-proof analyser has been designed for use in tough industrial environments, while the rechargeable lithium battery supports eight hours of continuous data collection and eliminates the environmental issues surrounding the disposal of used batteries.

Users can select from a range of application modules, creating a custom device that suits their individual requirements. Modules can be added as needs develop, keeping ongoing costs down. Application modules include balancing, bump analysis, recorder, frequency response function, run-up/coast-down and check to conformance. This range of application modules enables users to perform several advanced tasks with a single device, including impact tests, digital recording, modal analysis, transient phenomena analysis, and quality inspections. Alternatively, pre-configured models (AX-M, AX-S and AX-F) are also available with a selection of loaded modules.

The SKF Microlog Analyzer AX is compatible with SKF @ptitude Analyst 4.1 or later software. SKF @ptitude Analyst is a component of the SKF @ptitude Monitoring Suite, a comprehensive software suite that integrates data from a wide range of SKF portable and online data acquisition devices.

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