Linear motor modules are easier to integrate

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Linear motor modules are easier to integrateA new range of direct drive linear modules that integrate a linear motor, cable management, bearing rail and position sensor makes it easier for machine builders to assemble high-throughput multi-axis systems rapidly and affordably.

By taking care of the mechanical alignment and integrating a long-life bearing rail to support the load, Copley Motion Systems is aiming to improve the accessibility of linear motors for single- and multi-axis applications. The Copley ServoTube Module complements the ServoTube High-Rigidity self-contained Z axis unit. Engineering time is reduced because the module is fully integrated; Copley says this also reduces risk and can improve time to market because, unlike in-house integration, the linear motion subsystem's characteristics and parameters are predetermined.

The ServoTube module combines the company's magnetic design and built-in position sensor to provide 350micron positioning accuracy. Its industry standard 1V peak-peak sine/cosine output provides convenient feedback for many standard rotary servo motor drives. Using Copley Controls' own self-tuning Xenus and Accelnet servo amplifiers with its PC-based motion engineering tools, engineers can quickly configure an application. Alternatively, popular drives from manufacturers such as Siemens, Parker and B&R are also supported.

Zero backlash

Electromotive force is transferred directly to the forcer carriage without any physical contact; unlike ball screws there are no energy-storing components to introduce positioning errors caused by wind-up or backlash. The linear drive module can therefore achieve 12micron repeatability without any additional engineering. For higher-precision applications, the position resolution can be upgraded to 1micron resolution with an integrated optical encoder.

This ServoTube module is available in two versions: a powerful industrial drive with strokes of up to 1323mm and peak forces of 312-1860N, and a compact version with shorter strokes of up to 825mm for space-critical applications. Both models are high speed (up to 8.7m/s and 10.8m/s, respectively) and are capable of powerful 11 to 31 'g' acceleration with 12micron repeatability for reliable, high-duty cycle service. The non-contact electromagnetic drive is said to provide the ServoTube module with very long life compared with other linear motion technologies, during which there is no degradation in performance.

Copley’s new ServoTube module is suitable for pick-and-place machines, gantry axes, assembly lines and general positioning where high throughput and excellent repeatability are required. It is suitable for use in a wide range of environments because its position sensor is built into the forcer carriage and is protected from dirt.

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